Monday, September 26th, 2016







Welcome / Introduction

Theme Presentation: Latest News on What is Happening to our Oceans and Freshwater Environments

Ballroom ABC

Dr. John Nightingale The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Keynote Presentation:

Rising Seas and Ocean Acidification: The Significance for the Global Oceans

Ballroom ABC

John Englander


"Snapper" Sessions

Ballroom ABC


Morning Break

Exhibit Hall A

2A. Concurrent Sessions  10:15-12:00

2A. Concurrent Sessions: Fish Husbandry

Ballroom ABC


Collection, Husbandry and Transport of Naucrates Ductor, Sphyraena Viridensis, Silurus Glanis and Epinephelus Marginatus

João Correia  Flying Sharks

A Synopsis of the Second International Seadragon Husbandry Symposium

Leslee Matsushige
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

How Propagation Programs Impact the Blueprint for Outstanding Visitor Experience and Sustainable Collection Practices at the Monterey Bay Aquairum

Randy Hamilton Monterey Bay Aquarium

Grey Nurse Shark (Charchaias Taurus) Captive Management, a Case Study from Eastern Australian Aquaria

Rob Hicks

Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary

ZAA Studbook Keeper


International Shark Rescue, Rehoming Adult Lemon Sharks (Negaprion Brevirostris)

James Wright
National Marine Aquarium
2B. Concurrent Sessions  10:15-12:00

2B. Concurrent Sessions: New Aquariums & Exhibits I

Meeting Room 1-3


Springs of Life: The New Exhibition of the CRETAQUARIUM (Crete, Greece)

Brian Zimmerman

CRETAQUARIUM, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Institute of Marine Biology Biotechnology and Aquaculture, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research


The Twilight Zone: An Exhibition of Mesophotic Life

Charles Delbeek

Steinhart Aquarium

Califiornia Academy of Sciences


Canada's Newest Aquarium

Peter Doyle

Ripley Entertainment, Inc.

PCA Global


Collaborative Goal Setting in Developing an Interactive Touchpool Gallery

Jennie D. Janssen

Megan S. Anderson

Leigh Ann Clayton

National Aquarium

Facility Description of Renewed Kamo Aquarium

Kazuya Okuizumi Kamo Aquarium

Lunch Break

Exhibit Hall A

3A. Concurrent Sessions  13:15-15:00

3A. Concurrent Sessions: Taxa Champions

Ballroom ABC


Taxa Champions: Opening Remarks


European Aquatic Breeding Programs - FAITAG


Brian Zimmerman

Max Janse

Anton Weissenbacher

London Zoo

Royal Burgers' Zoo 

Vienna Zoo

Hause des Meeres, Vienna 

Ocenario de Lisboa 


Collaborative Aquatic Programs of the Pan African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA) - Part of the Collaborative Animal Management Sessions

Tony McEwan

Tinus Beukes 

Michael Farqhar

South African Association of Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR)

uShaka Sea World (Opening Overview)

Two Oceans Aquarium (Closing Remarks)

 3B. Concurrent Sessions 13:15-15:00

3B. Concurrent Sessions: New Aquariums & Exhibits II

Meeting Room 1-3


Redevelopment of the Historic Toledo Zoo Aquarium 

Lynne Riesselman

Jay Hemdal

The Toledo Zoo

EHDD - Architect


Catch and Release: A New Wave of Coastal "Mini" Aquariums

Melanie Knight

Philip Breucker

Ocean to Eye Level Consulting, Vancouver

Ucluelet Aquarium, Ucluelet, BC

Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium, Petty Harbour, Newfoundland

Discovery Passage Aquarium, Campbell River

Alberni Stewardship Aquarium, Port Alberni

Nick Sonntag Marine Education Center, Gibsons


Planet Ocean - Defining a New Role for a Sea Centre in the Digital Age

Philippe Vallette

Nausicaá, Centre National de la Mer, Boulogne sur Mer, France 

The National Aquarium of Russia (Primorsky Aquarium) is the Largest Aquarium in Russia

Vadim M Serkov

National Aquarium of Russia (Research and Educational Centre Primorsky Aquarium) 

Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Afternoon Break

Exhibit Hall A

4A. Concurrent Sessions  15:30-17:15

4A. Concurrent Sessions: Taxa Champions

Ballroom ABC


Taxa Champions: Returning Comments


Taxa Champions: Collaborative Aquatic Population Management Programs of the Association of the Zoos and Aquariums

Beth Firchau

Paula Carlson

Charles Delbeek

George Brandy

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

Dallas World Aquarium (Marine Fish Taxon Advisory Group)

Steinhart Aquarium (Aquatic Invertebrate Taxon Advisory Group)

Houston Zoo (Freshwater Taxon Advisory Group)


Taxa Champions: Town Hall and Closing Comments

Beth Firchau  
 4B. Concurrent Sessions 15:30-17:15

4B. Concurrent Sessions: New Aquariums & Exhibits III

Meeting Room 1-3


Guide Toward the WAKUWAKU Satoyama*, Johmon** Village

Yoshitaka Abe Aquamarine Fukushima, Marine Science Museum

Sustainable Institutional Collection Planning

Mark Smith

New England Aquarium


Biology Meets Technology: Designing a LED Spectrum for Coral Reef Tanks

Thomas Schwend
BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik

Husbandry and Transportation of the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna Lewini)

Jeffrey de Pauw
De Jong Marinelife

 Please Don’t Eat Me or Can't We All Just Get Along

Steve Kaiser Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis the Palm Dubai